Guided Mindfulness Meditation

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If you are looking for quick and powerful guided meditation, this is a great place to start with. This 10 min meditation will help you establish a connection with your body and create state of relaxed and calm mind.

Consistently practising it results in:

  • Better Sleep
  • Relaxed body
  • Peaceful mind
  • Positive attitude
  • Enhanced awareness

For Best Results:

  1. Fill the pre meditation form
  2. Play the guided meditation (with headphones)
  3. After the meditation fill the post meditation form
  4. You will experience a positive shift in the first attempt itself. For deeper experience and lasting results, practise the meditation every 5 hours.
  5. Do it for 7 days and observe the shift.

What all you get?


Guided Mindfulness meditation


18 Ways to Create Wellbeing

Growth Forms

Progress Questionnaire

One of the easiest and most effective ways to restore and ensure physical, mental & emotional wellbeing is through mindfulness — the skill of being present, fully aware and involved with whatever we are doing in the given moment yet untouched. Meditation is about being pure witness to what goes and comes, it is to align self with universal geometry, it is to be in resonance with your highest possibility.


  1. This meditation is included in the online video course: Energize Your Life, where it is not available for download.
  2. Advantage of having this meditation separately is that you can download it & use it from any device without having to be online.

Copyright Notice: You must not make recordings or reproduce anything from except for your personal & private use.

40 reviews for Guided Mindfulness Meditation

  1. Alisha (verified owner)

    Awesome. Loved it

  2. Rajesh

    Nice, brings you to the present moment. calmed my nerves.

  3. Veena singh

    Quick and powerful and deep voice 🙂 <3

  4. Noah Willson (verified owner)

    Amazing. It is refreshing

  5. cypris (verified owner)

    I like it very much. Deep voice!

  6. thomas (verified owner)

    Just as they described it. Quick and powerful

  7. emilia (verified owner)

    It is great. I feel relaxed. I want more 🙂

  8. Alexandru Lonescu (verified owner)

    Awesome. Can use it frequently in my office

  9. Oliver Bakken (verified owner)

    Nice product. looking forward to more meditations

  10. Emma Jansen (verified owner)

    I loved it. Thanks

  11. David Brown (verified owner)

    Fantastic meditation, very refreshing it is.

  12. Miller Williams (verified owner)

    By far this is one of the best Experience I ever had,thank you

  13. Anna Muller (verified owner)

    Well this feels good thank you

  14. Grace Smith (verified owner)

    It’s great. Short and sweet and does the trick! Also, you have a lovely voice! Thank you!

  15. Sophia Lee (verified owner)

    So simple and effective : thank you!

  16. Amit Chabra (verified owner)

    Felt peaceful. I like it very much.

  17. Gabriel Martin (verified owner)

    i shared this with a friend and her response was “that was lovely” and I couldn’t agree more

  18. Maria Goswami (verified owner)

    It’s Great! Soothing & relaxing.

  19. Jackson Harrison (verified owner)

    It surprisingly eased me with calm mellow state

  20. Yang Huang (verified owner)

    Good experience 🙂 made me feel calm and positive

  21. verma shina (verified owner)

    Wow thank you that was just the calm i needed.

  22. himanshu kumar (verified owner)

    I feel so light and positive after doing it

  23. aniket maurya (verified owner)

    My therapist recommended me this guided meditation.
    I thanked him for this wonderful gift

  24. jasmin john (verified owner)

    The voice touched my soul. I feel nice ✨😇

  25. Alex Smith (verified owner)

    I felt like these 6 mins fly. Felt awesome

  26. Maria Gym (verified owner)

    It feels so nice. Loved it. Sharing it with my friends ❤️

  27. Rose Samuel (verified owner)

    It is simple and very effective

  28. Grace Sharin (verified owner)

    Very helpful. These 6 mins with self are must for all

  29. alex paul (verified owner)

    I was having stressful time lately. This meditation calmed me completely. I want to listen more 🌹

  30. James Hoze (verified owner)

    When i completed this meditation I had a smile on my face

  31. vicktoria jason (verified owner)

    I love this meditation. Please make more

  32. Logan William (verified owner)

    Hey Thanks for this meditation. Was a great way to start my day

  33. Liam Jack (verified owner)

    Wow, very positive vibes. Didn’t know i needed it 😇

  34. Isabella Sparrow (verified owner)

    Awesomely calming voice and meditation. Go for it guys

  35. random guy

    Great product.

  36. Shifali

    Bohot Anand aya. Thank you sir

  37. Meenakshi

    Soothing & relaxing

  38. Karuna

    Sir, I love your voice !

  39. Lakshmi

    Bohot sukoon mila kar ke. It is very effective.

  40. Rajvir

    Awesome ! 🙂

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