KNOW TIME to avoid NO Time

Can you go back in time?
Is it possible to go ahead in time?
The answer to above questions is Never.
But YES we can move ahead with time.

We can never manage time but we can always manage ourselves with respect to time.
LEARN Today, for your BEST Tomorrow.

8 Productive ways to Improve your Time Management skills.

1. Pause


DO NOT RUN with the cluster of ideas in your brain. STOP.

ASK Yourself ‘WHAT DO YOU really want to DO, ACHIEVE or HAVE ‘?
If YOU don’t know where YOU are going, every road will get you nowhere. Gain the CLARITY.

2. Plan


 Once you know where you want to go. The next important question is “HOW”? So make a Map, plan and keep a blue print of your actions that are required to achieve your targets. Rightly said “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

3. Prioritise

Do you often forget to do an important piece of work? It is easy for brain to act when things are organised. Prioritise and do the urgent ones first. This will take a lot of pressure off your mind and increase your efficiency.

4. Pieces

It is not important how much you can eat but how much you can digest. Break Your Target into small short term goals and Move ahead Step by Step. This will not only make it easy but also boost your confidence with every short term achievement.

5. Positivity


Right Attitude will take you to the High Altitude. Always Have Constructive approach and think positive. Keep calm and be open to possibilities, you may find a smarter way of doing things.

6. Parameter

Time-ashwani-deswal-6You Must assign deadline to your short term goals and review them consistently. It not only gives birth to sense of responsibility but also indicates your position with respect to immediate and final goal.

7. Put in Action


When you keep piling up things, you feel guilty that you haven’t started.
Take Actions. Action is the Bridge between where you are and where you want to go.

8. Progress chart


Keep reviewing and analyzing your outcome and make required adjustments and changes until you achieve your final goal.

Every individual on the planet gets same number of hours in a day.
It is about HOW Effectively You utilize those hours that makes the difference in your life.

Remember- “KNOW Time to avoid NO Time in your life” – Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal- Self Mastery Coach

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Ashwani Deswal - Self Mastery Coach, an Authority on Life & Wellbeing coaching, the Author of 108 Divine Seeds, NLP Coach, motivational Speaker &  a dynamic corporate coach empowering & uplifting individuals and organizations to achieve their dreams.

He has served 100 thousand+ students from 101+ countries worldwide. His training, coaching and workshops are helping individuals and organizations in creating the changes and results they desire in their personal and professional lives.



He is philanthropist who founded Change Life Trust with a purpose to create a world full of celebration.

Ashwani is highly Energetic Leader committed to a life of excellence and Self-discovery.

Founder at: Ashwani Deswal International | Energize Yourself | ChangeLife Trust

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