Improve Speaking Skills

1. Let go of Rejection

All limiting fears like “what if my audience doesn’t like my speech”, “what if I don’t do justice to my speech” must be released before you take charge of the stage for your performance. Remember the audience is there to listen to you for a reason.

2. In front of the Mirror

It allows you to see yourself how you would be seen to the audience. It acts as a live feedback mechanism and allows you to readjust your delivery, expressions (body-language).

3. Record Yourself

Recording yourself on video camera/phone allows you to watch and listen yourself with your own pace and time. This observation shows you the areas of improvement which need corrective measures.

4. Deep Breath

Being aware of your breath releases stress, tension and anxiety. It also helps you to be balanced, calm & composed and deliver effective speeches/talks.

5. Practice- Practice- Practice

The only way to master speaking is by speaking and speaking and speaking. With time you master your craft. You take charge of your speaking.

6. Let ONE be your Audience

Speaking to another individual helps you get feedback and see how your speech may be perceived by others. It also helps you relax and give you a confidence that you can speak in front of larger audience.

7. Public Speaking Coaching

A great coach or mentor can take you there in months where you can be in decades by yourself. Associate with someone who has it what you dream to have.

8. Exercise before Speaking

Stimulate your physiology as it stimulates your psychology. Sit- ups or walking enhances your blood circulation and oxygen to your brain which helps you to be more alert, alive and active.

9. Avoid talking too Fast

Speaking fast has a negative impact on your breathing pattern. It makes you take shorter breaths and hence less oxygen to your brain and other parts of the body which makes susceptible to fear or anxiety.

Wish You Massive Success


Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal- Self Mastery Coach

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