Online Course for complete wellbeing

“I have put years of EXPERIENCE into this course  which has Transformed MY LIFE and lives of thousands of my clients”

~ Ashwani Deswal


Online Course

“I have put years of EXPERIENCE into this course  which has Transformed MY LIFE and lives of thousands of my clients.”

@Ashwani Deswal

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Energize Your Life

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What You will Achieve


Deeper sleep


Enhanced awareness and focus


Greater health, happiness and joy


Higher efficiency and productivity


Positive energy throughout the day


Greater Harmony & sense of purpose


Let go off negativity and limiting beliefs


Relationship full of love, passion and joy


Wisdom to Increase energy of home / office


Ability to transform victim attitude to Winner


Tools to release stress, anxiety, anger, fear & be the best version of you


What are the requirements for this course?

No prerequisites required to take this course. It is best to come with an empty cup. 

Is this course available online only?

Yes. On purchasing this course, you will be taken to the online learning environment where you can start following the course at your own pace.

Is this course for professionals also?

Anybody can take this course even professionals like teachers, psychologists, life coaches, HR specialists, business leaders, and fitness coaches, etc.  

You can use the worksheets given in course as your own for your clients/students.

Are there any deadlines for completing this course?

There are no specific time frames or deadlines for completing this course. The learning environment and materials can be accessed online in your own time and completed at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or office. On completing all the lectures, you can download your certificate of completion.

Is this course science-based?

Yes. All the content for this course is flowing from different ancient wellbeing modalities which are proved to be effective by science and many others would be proven as science grows and expands.

How long does this course take?

This course contains 7.5 hours of video content including additional worksheets, articles & assignments. You can choose to follow all of the modules or complete only the ones relevant to your specific professional needs. If you spend 1 hour each day you will be able to complete the course in 8 days.

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Ashwani Deswal- Self Mastery Coach

 Meet the Coach

Ashwani Deswal – Self Mastery Coach, an Authority on Life & Wellbeing coaching, the Author of 108 Divine Seeds, NLP Coach, motivational Speaker &  a dynamic corporate trainer empowering & uplifting individuals and organizations to achieve their dreams.

His training, coaching and workshops are helping individuals and organizations in creating the changes and results they desire in their personal & professional lives.



He is philanthropist who founded Change Life Trust with a purpose to create a world full of celebration.

Ashwani is highly Energetic Leader committed to a life of excellence and Self-discovery.

Founder at: Ashwani Deswal International | Energize Yourself 

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