Ashwani Deswal International is an IPHM accredited training provider. All its courses & programs are internationally accredited. 

IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) is an accreditation Board for Holistic Complementary Alternative Therapists, and Training Providers

Ashwani Deswal International is a vision driven, result oriented training company driven by the powerful principle of ethics and value for people.

Our expertise roots from institutions to corporate ventures thriving with a vision of human empowerment. Our strength roots in our profound knowledge and the zeal to cater to a client’s aspirations in the best possible way.

At first contact, our firm conducts an in depth training needs analysis to design a highly customized training requirement set for maximum program value for our clients.

Our interactions with the individuals and the company enable our understanding of your business needs, which would be assessed prior to the program, leading to heightened results for the individual as well as the company.

We are a team of exceptionally motivated, committed and skilled professionals who facilitate seamless transformation of our participants from baseline to excellent performers.


It is to empower & transform individuals and organizations to create the results and the change they desire in all aspects of their personal and professional life. It is an inventive frame work to get inspired and undergo the value based transformation to have a life of fulfilment.


To provide Wellbeing, Personality & Communication Coaching to individuals and organizations through our experienced facilitators who are constantly evolving to achieve their highest potential and empowering others to do the same.


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For corporate

– Public speaking
– Leadership skills
– Time Management
– Induction program
– Motivational speaking
– Spl. training for CEO/director
– Best wellness program for corporate in India

For individual

– Counselling
– Goal Setting
– Life Coaching
– Yoga & Meditation
– Confidence building
– Personality Development
– Release stress, depression

Life enhancing products

– 108 Divine Seeds
– Guided meditation
– Online Video Course

Certification courses

– Be A Life Coach
– Be A Personality Coach

Best corporate training in India | Experiential meditation / wellbeing program | Result oriented corporate training

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