9 simple tips to Empower Your Relationship

1 Put away your phones

Offer undivided attention when your partner is speaking and it ensures that nothing divides you two in life

2. Volunteer together

It allows you to strengthen the feeling of oneness and nourishes the attitude to support towards each other

3. Take care of yourself

You can only give what you have. Every thing starts with self. If you don’t feel good about self, nobody else can feel good in your presence. Invest in your body, mind and emotions

4. Be an open book

You may hide it for a day or two eventually all there is, will come to the surface. Being honest and transparent infuse trust and respect in the relationship.

5. Be kind to yourself

Never mind to be kind and start it with self only then you can overflow with it one day & people around you would experience it.

6. Help Each other

When you help someone someone appears to help you when you need one. Develop helping nature in life

7. Be Patient

Anything that is worth creating takes time. Rome wasn’t build in a day. Someway developing a fulfilling relationship takes time.

8. Empathy

Many times it is necessary to be able to understand & share the falling of another to see through the situation and take wise action.

9. Effort

What you give comes back. Before you expect others to do what you want them to you must put all your efforts to align with expectations of your partner first

Wish You fulfilling Relationship


Ashwani Deswal

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