7 simple ways to take Your Leadership Skills to next level

Whether you are an employee, marketing manager, director, teacher or a student. It does not matter who you are, what you do and have-you can be a leader. Leadership is not about position, it is about your disposition. It is not about any title you hold, it is what you hold inside you that makes you a leader.

Nurture the following basic traits in you to take your Leadership to whole New level and dimension.

1. Sense of PURPOSE

leadership-ashwani-deswal-1The purpose of life is to have a life of a purpose.  It is very significant to have a purpose.

Purpose gives a sense of direction to you. If you do not know where you want to go, you will never reach there.

A responsible leader is always planning, preparing and performing with a purpose and understands it is his responsibility to ignite the sense of purpose within his team members as well.


ashwani-deswal-4What is flowing
remains fresh and flourishing,
what stops die

Great leaders are resultant of consistent seeking to be more than who they are. They are always open to learn.

They learn from their team members, failure, success and all that offers them an opportunity to learn. They get trained, coached and mentored.  They make learning and evolving their constant companion.


leadership-ashwani-deswal3-If you are HOT, You are HOT
If you are NOT, You are NOT

Be who you are. Remember, people follow you or are with you because of who you are. You can cheat the entire world but just not you-Never.

Do not create a false picture of you in the eyes of people around you. Authentic leadership comes from your being. It evolves out of your self-awareness and transparency.

Nurture Honesty and all positive possibilities within you to radiate what everyone will have tremendous respect and trust for and that includes YOU too.

4. It is NOT about YOU

NotAboutYou-Ashwani-DeswalThe fundamental reason why you follow anyone is because you see there is something there for you. See closely the blogs, people, lifestyles you follow. They share, show or shower things you need in your life.

Great leaders religiously follow that it is about their followers, employees and team members. They build a culture of inclusiveness around them. They are more WE focussed. They devote and dedicate all their time, energy and resources to create value for their team members and world around them.
A little shift from “WIIFM (what is in it for ME) to WIIFW (what is in it for WE) enables your mind, body and soul to function with greater intention and intensity to evolve as a great leader.

5. Effective SPEAKER

ashwani-deswal-5.Look back in the past,
Look ahead in future

Look into the Present – all the great leaders could not afford not to master the Art of public speaking. Invest time, energy and money to develop effective speaking skills to profoundly impact lives around you. Remember: The quality of life is proportional to the quality of Communication Skills.

6. Solution Seeker and Provider

ashwani-deswal-6Followers talk about the problems
Leaders seek and provide solutions.

Problem only exists as a problem as far as you see it as a problem. Moment you start seeing it as a situation and start seeking a solution it turns into an opportunity to learn and grow. Great leaders have an attitude to see all that comes their way as an opportunity to learn, serve and share. Be a solution seeker and provider in life.

7. Ability to ACT

ashwani-deswal-6Nothing works, if you don’t work. One of the greatest quality that separates followers and leaders is that leaders can take desired actions. They don’t wait for things to get changed. They take an initiative to bring that change in self and around them. Inculcate the ability to act in life to grow as a great leader.

Leadership is the ability to lead your life in a way that you inspire, invoke and ignite the flame of passion and purpose in everyone you come across by enabling and empowering them to lead their lives.


Ashwani Deswal

Ashwani Deswal- Self Mastery Coach

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