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1-on-1 Business Coaching sessions with Mr Ashwani Deswal greatly benefited my business planning and development. They enhanced my managerial skills and helping me a lot in emerging as a successful young entrepreneur.

Vishal Bhushan

Entrepreneur, Bharat Associates

I’ve had pleasure of knowing Ashwani for long back. He is a Self-Motivated and highly Energetic person. The work that he is doing to Empower individuals in Leadership and Personality is Great.
Best wishes for future endeavors

Swati Deshwal

M. Pharm. in Clinical Research (Dept. Of Pharmacy Practice), N.I.P.E.R. S.A.S. Nagar

Ashwani is a Great Leader and Motivational Speaker. I was deeply inspired by his speech.

With his guidance I have  Significantly improved my speaking skills. His valuable constructive feedback has encouraged  me to craft and deliver my speech really well.

Francis Printo

QA Lead, Indecomm Global Services

Ashwani Deswal, You are doing Great work in Sharing your expertise on Personality Enhancement and Communication skills with all the needed people.

You are an Excellent Trainer. Keep touching more lives.


Consultant, Deloitte, Bengaluru, Karnataka, IndiaFinancial Services

Ashwani Deswal is a delightful person whose energy is contagious. I admire his intellect and intuition. He is fun to work with and makes you feel at ease. He fine tunes his frequency to match the team’s. Ashwani Deswal is always a burst of energy.

Ajay Dinakar

Executive Trainee, L&T Technology Services Limited

Ashwani is an extraordinary and an exceptional creative thinker. He is very passionate and confident. He is a very influential and motivational speaker. Every meeting with him leaves me pumped up and full of POSITIVE ENERGY.

Prashant Raghav

Amazon Employee, University of Waterloo , Canada

Ashwani Deswal is a winner and a can-do person! He has an impressive creative energy and ability to motivate everyone around him to do the best they can. I appreciate the passion in approach to his work & deeply respect his way of doing things.

Dusica Lukic

Unit Head, Electronic Payment Development at Telecom, Serbia

Mr. Ashwani Deswal is a highly PASSIONATE and ENERGETIC trainer. His Expertise and Thoughtful tips help you to improve your overall Personality, Body Language and gain Self-Confidence. Under his ENTHUSIASTIC GUIDANCE, You not only Explore Yourself better than ever before but also learn the art of seeing LIFE from a different Perspective.

Prateek Singh

VLSI Design Engineer, Delhi

They helped me develop a rich Vocabulary and regularly  provided me with Challenges. I found their strategic mentoring and guidance for do’s and dont’s of an Interview very Effective as a result of which I am now placed in TCS. I owe this Success to ADTS Classes.

Thanks a lot


Software Engineer, TCS

Ashwani Deswal has the capability to bring positive change in mindset, thinking and behaviour of an individual. He is dedicating his life to uplift others and bringing best out of others.

The way he wish for other’s dream to come true has motivated me a lot to live life in a better way. The best part about him is that he is building “THE NATION” by building and changing the youth’s mentality. I salute those parents who gave birth to ‘THE KOHINOOR’ like you.

Bhawna Yajurvedi

Technical Support , Mphasis

Never seen such a passionate focused guy. Ashwani is bound to have a positive influence on anyone and everyone who has the fortune to rub shoulders with him. He connects well with his audience by getting on a level that everyone is comfortable by bringing “spiritual” not religious flavour into the program which does cut the difference. His tonality is therefore very relationship based which organisations need so badly in the hard wired world of technology.

Mohit Gupta

Project Engineer, Honeywell Process Solutions, Pune

The best decision I have ever made was to take training from Ashwani Deswal Sir. Whole experience was immensely magical Yes! Magical!! . The first day when I was asked to introduce myself I was nervous to the core but after my training sessions I can stand in front of a large audience and not only introduce myself but also give an impressive speech. I feel so confident & magnificent.


Student, BA LLB(hons), Amity University

Mr Ashwani has impressed me a lot by his matchless interactive & innovative approach to inculcate required skills and essential values among the students of GD Goenka Public School.

Everybody appreciated this unique Personality Enhancement Course to create positive traits in the personality of children.

Shreesh Bhardwaj

Principal, Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya

Mr Ashwani Deswal with his interactive & ingenious “Personality Enhancement Program” has mesmerized every individual of Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya towards the reinforcement of life skills by his holistic interactive ways of communications and making everyone realize their potentials and strengths.

R K Sharma

Principal, Delhi Public School - Jind Haryana

Ashwani Deswal greatly inspired and empowered students and teachers of Rawal International School and brought positive and constructive changes in the behaviour and thinking of the students. This Innovative Training Program helps us in achieving overall development of students

C V Singh

Principal, Rawal International School

Mr Ashwani Deswal has added great value to our School. Their Personality Enhancement Program is impeccable. It has brought dynamic change in our students along with increased Academic Enthusiasm. I recommend their enriching workshops on regular basis to other institutions as well.


Principal, Dynasty International School, Faridabad

Ashwani Deswal has truly taught me the essence of Life. I have learnt how beautiful life is and how a Smile can create wonders in anyone’s life.

Words are less to describe how encouraging he is. I thank God that I met such a pure soul in my life.

Thank You Sir

Ar. Nancy Nain

Assistant Professor, Architecture & Town Planning, Lucknow

I am blessed and thankful to have Ashwani sir as my mentor and success expert.

He has solutions for every problem/situation – an excellent solution provider. Truly, he is a blessing

Every time he enlightens and motivates me for my highest good.
Thank you sir

Aditi Chauhan

Medical Student

I sincerely Thank Ashwani Deswal Sir for bringing a positive change in my overall Personality. After having sessions with Ashwani Sir I can now speak with Great Confidence.

Nikhil Chaprana

President, Indian Youth Congress, Jaitpur ward (Badarpur), Delhi

After undergoing 1-on-1 training sessions with Ashwani Deswal, I feel more confident and transformed as a speaker and person. Every Session with him is full of ENERGY and LIFE.

Indu Chaudhary

Process Developer, Genpact

I have left behind all my fears and can stand with great confidence in front of anyone. In these sessions I not only developed my leadership skills which are helping me at every point of my life but also felt what really life and happiness are.

Pragya Nanda

Web Designer

With Personality Enhancement training from Ashwani Deswal Sir and his team my confidence level and body language have significantly improved. Also I have learnt lot about myself and realized my hidden talents.


Student, Institute of Home Economics, Delhi University

From the very First session with Ashwani Deswal sir, I felt a positive change in my Personality. Fear of public speaking is no more there. I feel more confident than ever before. Looking forward to learn more in coming sessions.


B.A programme, Delhi University

Because of coaching sessions with Ashwani Deswal sir I now believe that I can also Dream Big and not just Dream Big, I can Do great things. I have significantly improved my confidence level and communication skills.

Bhavna Dayal

College Student, Delhi University

With Training Sessions with Ashwani Deswal Sir I have overcome my inhibitions and improved my personality.

I am very thankful to ADTS Pvt. Ltd. where I got to know about myself. I feel amazing.

Prachi Singh

Artist and Graphic Designer, Prachi Creatives

Coaching Sessions with Ashwani sir are just Awesome. They are so Creative and Spontaneous. With these classes I have IMPROVED my BODY LANGUAGE and Speaking skills. Thank You so much sir.

Parul Bharti

College Student, Delhi University

Ashwani Deswal Sir is an Incredible source of Inspiration. His Every Session is full of energy, laughter and activities. With his training I have significantly improved my speaking skills. I feel so confident now.

Shalini Thakur

B.A. first year , Delhi University

ADTS Pvt. Ltd. is a great place to improve Language Skills. I have improved a lot and much more Confident now. Thank you Ashwani sir.

Yash Rajput

Finance Department , Cheil India

Ashwani Deswal Sir is Amazing. He has very Unique Training style. There is so much to learn in every session with him. In Training sessions with him I have Enhanced my Personality and developed a CAN DO Attitude.


Its always Awesome to read your posts. Thank you for sharing.

Keep motivating people.

Shaista Khatoon

Senior Executive , Snapdeal