Ashwani Deswal

Self Mastery Coach 
Founder & Director, ADTS Pvt. Ltd.

Ashwani Deswal is an Author of 108 Divine Seeds, NLP Coach, motivational Speaker and dynamic corporate trainer, Empowering individuals and organizations in Personality and Leadership Skills to helping people achieve their dreams.

His training, coaching and workshops are helping individuals and organizations in creating the changes and results they desire in their Personal and Professional lives.

Founder, Energize Yourself

Mr. Deswal is the Creator of the widely acclaimed Workshop Energize Yourself– this interactive workshop empowers participants to Relax, Rejuvenate and Rebuilt connection with the Mind, Body and Soul by releasing stress, anger and similar lower vibrations by Awakening and Activating the Harmony within.    

Founder, Change Life

Ashwani is a Philanthropist, who founded the Change Life Trust. The fundamental Purpose of Change Life is to Create A WORLD FULL OF CELEBRATION by Inspiring, Igniting & Invoking Innate seeking of every Human Being to transform oneself into a Higher Possibility by Being the CHANGE and to bring that Change in the world.

Ashwani Deswal has trained and coached Directors, entrepreneurs, software professionals, business people, managers, language teachers, doctors, leaders, college groups, students, professional anchors, fashion designers, corporate trainers & Hotel managers in hospitality.

And various individuals from the best companies on the planet such as Accenture + Amazon + Infosys + TCS + IBM + Deloitte+ Honeywell+ JCB+ L&T+ Continental Automotive+ Snapdeal + Lenskart , Youth Leaders of BJP, Congress and many more.

Ashwani is blessed with a sparkling intellect, an ever willing intent to learn and spontaneous speaking style. Ashwani is highly energetic leader committed to a life of excellence and self-discovery.